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Unity Day - October 20th, 2021

octobre 20, 2021 2 lire la lecture

Today is Unity Day! A day for wearing orange to show unity for kindness, acceptance, inclusion and to send a visible message that no child should ever experience bullying. 

I will never forget the day I first heard the word bullying used in the context so familiar these days but not back then. It was about 7 years ago, the first day of school, prep (kindy in NSW) for my eldest child. He and his kindy mate loved the sandpit and it was no surprise that on their first day of school they wanted to hang out there. Sometime during the first week of school, when I thought all had been going well, the mum of my son’s mate told me the boys were being bullied and forced to eat sand by some older boys if they wanted to play in the sandpit! I was somewhat shocked but remember thinking it was a bit of an overreaction to call it bullying. Wasn’t it just school yard stuff between kids and in particular boys being boys?

Fast forward to 2021 and the word bullying within schools is used freely and often. At times I still think too freely. However, what I understand now is that the more often we call out inappropriate behaviour, the more chance we have to eradicate it through educating ourselves on what’s acceptable and what’s not.

I was recently made aware of an incident of bullying at school which involved my daughter who has learning needs. Initially I was terribly saddened by this, but quickly questioned whether the behaviour was indeed bullying or rather some kids just being mean for a day or two. 

I am fiercely protective of my kids but they need to learn the difference between a mean kid and a bully and they need to understand when to stand up for themselves and others. 

If they see another child being picked on, feeling left out or sitting alone l remind my kids to help out.

I try to instil good values in my children, just as I had good values instilled in me by my parents.

As mentioned in a previous blog, it’s ever more apparent that my personal values and social justice mimic that of my business. 

Back Beach Rd’s brand values resonate with Unity Day. We celebrate uniqueness, equality and hope to empower self belief and self worth. We encourage you to stand out from the crowd and stand up for what you believe in. 

Be Bright

Be Bold

Be Brave

Be the Change  

In support of such a great cause, for the remaining month of October Back Beach Rd will donate 50% of all sales of Outback Orange shorts to Bully Zero, Australia's leading bullying prevention charity.