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Mother's Day

mai 04, 2022 2 lire la lecture

I simply couldn't start this blog about mother's without firstly mentioning my own. She is my number 1 supporter (well... jointly held with my dad most likely!) 

My mum is a beautiful person inside and out. She is kind, caring, loving, warm, strong, forgiving, funny, fun, feisty and fabulous! My 'family' of mums include my mother in law, Vee and three sister in laws, Jule, Lu & Shiv. Like the pillars of Back Beach Rd, these five women shine brightly and exude boldness and bravery. 

From family to friends, there is an entire community of mums who surround me and who have supported Back Beach Rd in various ways.

There are the school mums (ones I went to school with and the ones my kids go to school with), the Portsea mums, the Byron mums, the Melbourne mums, the Sydney mums, the Gold Coast mums, the WA mums and the NZ mums.

Within that group of mums there are the busy mums, the never too busy to call mums, the funny mums, the angry mums, the helpful mums, the frustrated mums, the working mums, the stay at home mums, the party mums, the sensible mums, the tennis mums, the PT mums, the gym mums, the girls weekend mums, the beach mums, the sporty mums, the let's have a wine mums and the margherita mums (they need their own mention!)

Most mums take on more than one of these titles. As for me I take on all of them!

As I literally write this blog I can't help but have a giggle (and a scream!!) at my life as a mother right in this moment. I have just received a call from my son at boarding school asking to be collected as he is sick (again!). It was this time last week we had the same call from the school nurse. I share with you the email train going on right now between myself and my work colleague and friend, Fi (who also had a child home sick).

Fi "Feel like I have not had one single week this year without some shit going down!!!"

Holly "Yes totally agree! Floods, covid, flu, colds, gastro, kids days off school, holidays that go forever!! Arghhhhhh"

So with a 3.5 hour return trip to squeeze into my already full day ahead, I leave you with the most common thought that crosses my mind regularly as a mother:

Just when you think you have your day (or evening) planned don't bet on it!

This may be a bit of an abrupt ending to a blog but alas I no longer have the luxury to spend time on creativity. I have a child who needs me!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there. I really really really hope you get at least one day where your needs come first! LOL