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Back Beach Rd is excited to launch our NEW TEEN SIZE 14-15!!
Raising a fast-growing teenager can feel like a whirlwind, from kids' sizes one day to men's the next. But what about that in-between phase? Our TEEN BOYS range is here to bridge that gap, making it a breeze for both parents and young men to find the perfect fit – because we get it. Seeing a gap in the market is what we do. That’s why we came up with the idea of anti-chafe board shorts.
But now we’ve realised there is limited fashion available specifically for TEEN BOYS (with a TEEN price tag to match!). Within the fashion industry, the jump in price from boys to mens clothing is really significant. 
Boys tend to grow most quickly between the ages of 12 and 15. Have you noticed they are (more than usual! LOL) tired, hungry and clumsy? These are all signs of a healthy growth spurt! But a growth spurt often means hearing ‘mum, these don’t fit me anymore, I need more clothes!'
Teen Boy board shorts in Palm Beach Pink and Lorne Green, size 14-15
As parents of TEENAGE BOYS you will understand it can be quite costly raising an ever growing adolescent! One day you are buying them clothes from the kids section and the next you are into the mens range! But where is the in-between? Where are the clothes that make it easy for parents and TEEN BOYS to know what size is for them. That’s why we created our TEEN BOYS range.
Shop the range available in Teen Boy sizes: