From Tears to Triumph: How We Revolutionised Beachwear

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It all started with a day at the beach, one seemingly ordinary outing that would change everything. My 8-year-old son and his friends returned from their seaside adventures in tears, their skin rubbed raw by painful sand chafing. I scoured every corner of the market for a solution, but alas, nothing out there was quite right. That's when inspiration struck – why not create the perfect pair of shorts to address this all-too-common problem and offer relief to others who have faced similar woes? 

Traditional board shorts often come equipped with netting designed to provide support, but it leaves much to be desired. I couldn’t help but think why it had to be made from a fabric with such a rough texture. I knew there had to be a better way. That's why I set out to develop board shorts with a unique, soft in-built inner lining, meticulously crafted to prevent painful rash and chafing. 

Our board shorts are a game-changer, with a level of comfort that must be experienced to be believed. You'll quickly realise just how uncomfortable your old boardies truly are. 

But comfort is just the beginning. Our shorts are designed for everyone and every activity, whether you're diving into the waves or hitting the trails. Made with stretchy, quick-drying fabric, they're as versatile as they are durable. Run, swim, bike, hike – the possibilities are endless with Back Beach Rd shorts. 

Experience the difference for yourself and join the revolution in beachwear. Once you try our anti-chafe board shorts, there's no turning back. You're going to love them!