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August is Spotlight month!

augustus 04, 2022 2 min read

This month we put a spotlight on 4 key areas of our brand: sustainability, comfort, innovation and style. Let me expand...!


We call ourselves an eco friendly fashion label for a variety of reasons.

Using recycled plastic bottles to make our board shorts, we help provide a solution for plastic waste which would normally find its way into landfill or into our ocean environments.

We are not fast fashion. Manufacturing high quality, small run productions, we consider the processes and resources required to make clothing.

Made with skilled craftsmanship, our board shorts are durable and made to last longer.

With our 2-in-1 design, we encourage you to buy better and to buy less.


Our unique in-built inner lining sets us apart from your average board short. Designed to prevent chafe, our boardies are so comfortable you could wear them to bed!

We work together with our Chinese manufacturers to create an innovative design with the purpose of comfort in mind.

Back Beach Rd wants you to be comfortable on the inside, both literally and figuratively. By accepting yourself for who you are, embracing uniqueness and individuality, we hope our bright, bold colours and prints are a reminder to be confident and brave.


With a little bit of thought, we have created an alternative solution to a common problem. Chafe, beach rash or 'sand scratch', we have all experienced it. Through our design process, we replaced the harsh and rough netting found in so many other board short brands, with a soft and smooth in-built inner lining. We are at the fore front of new design and comfort. 

Motivated with a desire to even the score for women, we are setting the scene as trailblazer's in the area of female swimactive wear™. We believe everyone should have the option to go for a run or a walk then take a dip or swim, in the same clothes, without feeling uncomfortable or unstylish. 

With a mission to combine swimwear with active wear, we came up with the concept of swimactive wear™. We asked ourselves, why stop at athleisure when there was another alternative for hybrid clothing?


It's not just our unique in-built inner lining that sets us apart, it's our bright and bold block colours people love too. Parents love to spot their kids easily at the beach and many men love to be spotted! 

Acknowledging not everyone's style is flamboyant, we also offer classic and timeless colours like navy and black. 

For those who seek unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, our Bush Turkey and Tie Dye prints are for you. 

If twinning it is your thing, we have you covered! Nothin' cuter than seeing a father son/ daughter matching combo on the beach!

As already mentioned under Innovation, our soon to be released female range, allows active women who love a run then a swim to do so with ease and style. No more soggy leggings or wet gym bras to remove after a dip in the ocean, and no more worries about flashing yourself as you awkwardly try to change from gym gear to swimmers!

Your style and your clothes reflect who you are, how you feel at the moment and sometimes even what you want to achieve in life. By wearing Back Beach Rd, you share in our values of kindness, understanding, acceptance and confidence. 

Join us on the Bright, Bold, Brave Rd!