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12 questions for our amazing Aussie designer: Carla Dinnage

नवंबर 23, 2022 3 min read

So excited to announce our first collaboration with artistically clever and talented designer Carla Dinnage from Melbourne, Australia! During the infancy of Back Beach Rd, Carla agreed to have her designs on our swimactive wear™. Fast forward a couple of years and here we are! The first Limited Edition Carla Dinnage in collaboration with Back Beach Rd range of girls rashies, crops and leggings. 
Limited Edition Carla Dinnage Green Daisy CropLimited Edition Carla Dinnage Green Daisy LeggingLimited Edition Carla Dinnage Pink Daisy Girls Rashie
Here is Carla's story...
A love of clay and art inspires Carla to handcraft unique ceramic designs. In 2014 she established a studio to focus on this lifelong passion. Carla’s work reflects both refined and rustic influences that stem from a background studying Fine Art Ceramics, working for Louis Vuitton, and traveling the world.

With traces of Europe, the Middle East and Mexico to be found in her work, there’s a global story behind each of her home-grown Australian wares. From vibrant colours to cultural iconography, Carla’s adventurous spirit makes itself known.

Working as the studio’s sole creator her process includes building, coiling and painting by hand from a blend of stoneware and earthenware clay. Stylistically Carla’s work embraces its handmade aesthetic and the endearing imperfections that make each item personable.

Recently, Carla expanded her homeware range and continues to create ceramics as a form of affordable art.

We sat down with Carla to ask her a few questions!

1) Do you have a favourite colour (in general)? Pink

2) Do you have a favourite colour you like to use when creating your ceramics? Pink & Gold

3) How do you decide which colours work well together when creating your art?I will normally see something that catches my eye. It might be a painting or something in a magazine where I like the colour combinations.Then trial them on my pieces to see if they work. 

4) Where does the vision for your ceramics come from? My vision comes organically. I like to make pieces that are vibrant and have their own unique personality. I love that my customer can get a 'one off' piece which no one else has.

5) Do you plan prior to creating or is the process quite organic? My process is mostly organic in day to day pieces. I do plan ahead if I'm launching a 'Collection' of handmade piece. I also have to pre plan at least 6 months ahead for my 'Designed by Carla' collection.

6) Are there days you can’t be bothered to do it? Or do you always love it? Yes some days I don't feel inspired. If this is the case I try to create something I haven't done before which normally gets the ball rolling as I will then get excited about creating something new.

7) Did you study art? Or are you self taught? I studied fine art ceramics at RMIT

8) When did you start creating art seriously? Around 6/7 years ago as a hobby which slowly turned into a business purely from social media.

9) Have you ever had an exhibition, and have you ever entered a competition? How did either/ both make you feel? Yes I did an exhibition 'Holi' with painter noni drew in 2019. It was a super fun experience and loved it.

10) Does anyone in your family have your talent for art? Yes my mum has always dabbled in various art hobbies such as sewing & decoupage.

11) What is your favourite piece you’ve ever done? I love my 'The Bloom' piece of my tartan and bloom collection. I didn't have the heart to sell it so it now is the centre piece in our hallway.

12) What is your advice for anyone considering taking up ceramics? Follow your gut instinct. Go with what you love not what someone else loves, otherwise the passion will subside. Also persistence is the key. Most business do not happen overnight they happen with a lot of hard work! 

 Carla's favourite piece in her hallway