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Why Our Customers Prefer Back Beach Rd Board Shorts Over Popular Surf Brands

June 21, 2024 3 min read

Growing up by the beach, many of our customers recall an era where brand names were synonymous with status. Surf brands dominated the scene, and sporting the latest label was a must. However, times have changed, and so have the priorities of beachgoers. Today, comfort, durability, and sustainability have taken centre stage. At Back Beach Rd, we’ve crafted board shorts that meet these needs without compromising on style. Here are the top five reasons our customers prefer Back Beach Rd board shorts over the popular surf brands.

1. Unmatched Comfort

Comfort is king, and our board shorts reign supreme. Our customers rave about the built-in ultra-soft lining that prevents painful chafing. This is a game-changer, especially for those who spend long hours in the water. Here’s what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

  • "Master 17 used to get horrendous boardie rash between his legs. Nothing stopped it (zinc, Vaseline, speedos underneath, no speedos underneath, change of brands etc). These swimmers stopped all the horrible chafing. They are quite simply worth it."
  • "Super happy with our chafe-free shorts. This is the second pair we’ve purchased. My kids can’t go swimming at the beach without them."
  • "We normally have to leave the beach as my son gets really bad eczema between his legs. The soft in-built inner lining in the Back Beach Rd shorts has been a game changer. Now he's rash-free!”
  • "Bought these for my 15 y.o. He says they're way comfier than the surf labels. Do you need higher praise?! Have just ordered 3 more pairs.”
  • "My teen boys love their Back Beach Rd chafe-free shorts. They are the only shorts they will wear to the beach! Thank goodness we discovered your shorts just before summer season hits."

2. Stylish and Well-Cut Designs

Our board shorts are just as stylish and well-cut as any high-end surf brand. Available in bold block colors inspired by our Aussie coastal cities and our signature Australian Bush Turkey prints, there’s a style for everyone. These designs don’t just look great on the beach but are versatile enough for any casual outing.

  • "They’re so comfortable that they’re the only shorts he’ll wear to swim in. They double as awesome casual shorts too - great all-rounders."
  • "My boys LOVE their Bush Turkeys. Number one choice for casual clothes day at school, and so comfy one of them wears them to bed - he says they're as comfy as sitting around in his trackies."
  • "Truly multi-purpose! My boys love these shorts and don’t take them off - wear them to school, on the weekends & to the beach. Amazing quality & great fit.”
  • "My husband wants these shorts in every color... now if that’s not an awesome review I’m not sure what else could possibly top it."

3. Durability and Fade Resistance

Our board shorts are made to last. The high-quality fabric is durable and fade-resistant, ensuring they look great wear after wear. Customers appreciate that our shorts maintain their vibrant colors and structural integrity even after repeated use and washes.

  • "They lasted 3 years of non-stop wearing."
  • "Jake's worn your shorts 3 days straight... it would have been 4 but I had to wash them... A real hit!”
  • "My husband says they are the best shorts he’s ever had and my son rotates through his all summer. No chafe, quick dry, comfy, wash well, great fit… what’s not to like!"

4. Convenient Features

Our board shorts come packed with practical features that make beach outings hassle-free. With drawstrings for a secure fit, a velcro pocket for small essentials, and side pockets for extra storage, our shorts are designed with the user in mind.

  • "Best board shorts I own. Super soft, great fit and even comfy when walking around wet. The little details like the custom lining and thicker waist tie are really nice touches.”
  • "Drip drying like a dream! Love these shorts."

5. Eco-Friendly Fabric

Sustainability is at the heart of Back Beach Rd. Each pair of our board shorts is made from recycled plastic bottles, transforming waste into high-quality swimwear fabric. Our customers love that they can enjoy superior swimwear while also contributing to environmental conservation.

Our shorts don’t just stop at being eco-friendly; they also perform exceptionally well in the water. The fabric drains water efficiently, preventing sand retention, and dries quickly so you can move seamlessly from a jog to a swim and then to a coffee outing.

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Our customers' stories speak for themselves. Back Beach Rd board shorts have transformed their beach experiences, offering unparalleled comfort, style, and sustainability. Join our happy customers and see why our board shorts are a 5-star find.

Whether you're lounging by the shore, taking a dip in the ocean, or running errands around town, Back Beach Rd board shorts are your go-to choice. Experience the difference today!