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Men's Health Month with Joey Jordan

June 28, 2022 3 min read

Why is good health important to you?
We have one body and one mind. To get the most out of ourselves and to give our most to the world, our body and mind must be operating at their best. Society and social media places massive importance on the physical appearance of people under the guise of “health” and from my experience, some of the fittest, most physically attractive people in the world are some of the most unhappy and/or mentally unstable. Unrealistic expectations placed on people’s appearances is leading to a mental health pandemic surrounding body image. Every minute spent in the gym or on the treadmill should be matched with a mindfulness practice, such as visualization, meditation and reading/listening to self-empowering material. Choose to love yourself for who you are and who you are becoming rather than take part in unhealthy/unrealistic competition and the constant need for external validation which many of us are unwitting participants.

What has been your biggest health learning / lesson?
Doing small things consistently is the key for progressive and lasting positive change. Improving 1% across all areas of your life every week, rather than trying to level up 100% in your first week and setting unrealistic expectations. Adopting small positive habits to replace self-sabotaging habits and making daily decisions based on longer lasting happiness, rather than making decisions based on short term gratification. Keeping health simple and not overcomplicate things. Not sure where to start? Go for a run, do some push ups, drink water, eat well and look for the good in everything!


What was your catalyst for change?
I spent most of my 20s living in an unhealthy state. Alcohol and drug abuse combined with little sleep, and socializing in unhealthy environments led me down a path of self-destruction and unhappiness. What started as ‘fun’ began to turn into a problem as the years went by. Eventually the pain of not living up to my potential was almost too much to handle. I knew I had a lot more to give and a lot more to achieve in my lifetime. I realized my addictions and weaknesses were the things destroying my life and realized that I was in full control of my actions. The road to health and happiness was a long one, with many slip ups along the way. I often remember some painful days from my past and am saddened by the despair that version of me felt, but I use those memories as lessons to ensure I stay true to myself and not fall into those old unhealthy habits that I’ve worked so hard to be rid of.


What is one action you take daily to ensure you stay on track with your health?
I start every day with a visualization process which involves me sitting down and playing one of my favourite songs – usually a high energy trance song! I then visualize my day, my life and myself in its highest form. I sit there until I feel happiness and gratitude fills my heart. I then give thanks and I go into the day knowing I’ve set my intention and trust I will be guided to the things I have imagined for myself.

I ensure I hit my green powders and a 20 minute workout. Drink plenty of water and try to get outside in nature as much as possible.


What resources do you tap into to stay on track with your health?
I use my Joey2Worlds App which I have set up with a checklist to do the daily things like hitting my workout and getting in my 2 protein shakes. I’m constantly reading books and listening to YouTube videos on spirituality, manifestation and healthy living. I’m currently reading the Neville Goddard collection and am absolutely loving every word. I have quotes and vision boards throughout my house to constantly remind me to focus my thoughts and actions on my goals and dreams.


Favourite Back Beach Rd Colour?
It's the Black Beauty for me!


Anything else we should know!
Check out my online coaching on Instagram @Joey2Worlds and say hello! I would love to hear about your own personal health journey and answer any questions you may have.

Look after yourself, love yourself, and never stop challenging yourself!