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Just like a badly fitted bra

April 06, 2022 1 min read

I remember the days when bras were uncomfortable and the ones I owned didn't fit me properly.

It wasn't until my late 20's I really started to understand what it felt like to have a bra that was made for me! 

I still remember the day vividly. Working at IMG at the time, one of our clients, Nicky Buckley was an ambassador for Intimo Lingerie. A lady working for Intimo came into our office and all of the female staff were offered the chance to be fitted properly for a bra. 

Uncomfortable board shorts remind me of those days. It wasn't until I realised what a comfy bra was meant to feel like did I know what I was missing. 

Most board shorts are made with netting to 'hold a bloke in'. I do get why the 'holding in' part is necessary but why the design has to be made with rough netting, I don't get.

Which is why Back Beach Rd developed board shorts with a unique soft in-built inner lining designed to prevent painful rash and chafe.

Anti-chafe board short with soft in-built inner lining designed to prevent chafe

To really understand how soft and comfy they are, they need to be tried on. (or you can just take our word for it!)

Just like an uncomfy bra, you will realise how uncomfy the boardies in your wardrobe are. 

Made for everyone, for all activities, in and out of the water, BBR shorts are truly multipurpose and versatile. 

Run, swim, bike, hike, play golf, tennis or footy. Our shorts stretch in the right places and are durable and quick drying. 

You're going to love them!