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Be comfortable on the inside and out

أكتوبر 07, 2021 2 min read

As a brand we talk about striving to find purpose and meaning as we go along this journey. 

What does that mean exactly?

To be truthful, when I first started Back Beach Rd I didn't know. 

But with every day that passes I am closer to reaching a conclusion.

Like many people, I have had to overcome hurdles throughout my life. We can all relate to the current one... living with covid. But with a stroke of luck and a sense of adventure, my family and I (have so far) dodged the worst of it. 

On a NSW family road trip during the June/ July school holidays last year, the Victorian government announced a 6 week lock down. Toying with the idea of not returning to Melbourne for those 6 weeks, our fantasy became a reality and before we knew it we were in Byron Bay, chosen because it was the furthest north we were allowed to go and because our eldest son could join the Byron Bay Magpies and continue playing AFL for the season!

I mention the word luck, and we were lucky to already be in NSW. It certainly made the decision to temporarily relocate easier. But it also took courage, a sense of self, determination and curiosity for the unknown. Traits that have kept our family in Byron Bay 15 months later with no return date in sight! 

Our family and friends in Melbourne have suffered greatly. They have lived through the world's most locked down city. I have not. But I have had my fair share of challenges in life. When I was 16 my 21 year old brother committed suicide. I understand living with someone with mental illness. I have a child with a severe speech and language disorder, who needs hearing aids. I understand living with someone with a disability. 

So as I open up about my personal journey I am all too aware that what I am striving for in life mimics what I am striving for in business. 

Compassion, understanding, bravery, honesty, humility, acceptance, love, friendship, fun, humour and above all being comfortable in your own skin. 

So I ask again, what is our purpose and meaning? The way I see it right now, Back Beach Rd celebrates uniqueness, empowers self belief and encourages you to stand out from the crowd and stand up for what you believe in.

Be Bright

Be Bold

Be Brave

Be yourself and be comfortable on the inside and out.


This Blog coincides with World Mental Health Dayon10 October